Blogging revisited

This marks the launch of my second (possibly third) attempt at serious blogging. Unlike previous blogs, I intend for this one to have some specific purposes.

Primarily it will be a vehicle for me to express ideas about software and software research that I can’t express elsewhere. This will probably range from random thoughts to essayish writings. The benefit for me is that expressing myself coherently aids my thinking and understanding. In this sense the blog will be a kind of public notepad, but hopefully more well written than my notepads are.

Secondly, though surely this is too much to hope for, maybe it could attract comments from people who share my interests. Any kind of dialogue or exchange of ideas is always welcome.

This time around I use WordPress, one of the most popular blog packages. Times have changed since around 2004, when I made my own PHP/MySQL based system. At the time I had lots of free time and a kind of do-it-myself ethic. Today there is less time and no clear benefit in rolling my own. My focus should be more on the content and less on the form.

So let’s see how this instance of my blogging attempts turns out.

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2 Responses to “Blogging revisited”

  1. youknowwho

    sneaky. so you thought you could escape, start a new blog somewhere, and not tell a soul?
    haha – wishful thinking… consider yourself stalked ^_^

  2. johan

    oh no… I’m stalked!

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