“True Knowledge”: Another search engine

I previously commented on Wolfram Alpha and PowerSet. Fisheye Perspective now brings my attention to another “answer engine” as they are called these days: True Knowledge. You have to sign up for an account in order to test it, which I have yet to do, but one feature that’s immediately appealing is that users can add and edit content. This was apparently one of the main design principles. But is this then just an alternative to Wikipedia? Not necessarily, as it also has an inference system (it can deduce facts from other facts). And it has an API for programmatic access. I can think of many interesting uses for an online user-edited inference-enabled knowledge base, if they can get the details right. These things are still in their infancy (I hope, since I want them to be better).

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  1. Beth

    If you’re interested in trying out True Knowledge’s answers without having to sign up for an account, then you can get them with your regular search results by downloading the Firefox plugin

  2. johan

    Beth, thanks for your suggestion. I actually did sign up for an account and try it out myself, I just didn’t update the post to reflect it. What I saw seems promising. I will probably keep coming back to see how it evolves.

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