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Call for research interns

The project I’ve been working on for some time (the last year or so) is starting to acquire a more definite form, and hopefully more information about it will be released in the coming months. Its official name is now Poplar, and the current official overview is available here. Basically it revolves around protocol based […]

Overloading words in research and programming

In research and academia, one of the fundamental activities is the invention and subsequent examination of new concepts. For concepts, we need names. One way of making a name is stringing words together until the meaning is sufficiently specific. E.g. “morphism averse co-dependent functor substitutions in virtual machine transmigration systems”. Thus the abstruse academic research […]

Gregorian misery

The Gregorian calendar has been in use since 1582. Among its features is a moderately complicated rule for leap years: if n mod 4 is 0, then n is a leap year. However, if n mod 100 is 0, then n is not a leap year, unless n is a multiple of 400. In addition, […]