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Equipmental visibility and barriers to understanding

The following is an excerpt from a text I am currently in the process of writing, which may or may not be published in this form. The text is concerned with the role of software in the scientific research process, and what happens when researchers must interact with software instead of hardware equipment, and finally […]

Piety, self-examination and the purification of software

This writer is not a believer in Christianity. However, I am interested in trying to understand the history of and heritage from Christianity, as it is a major component of Western culture. Of particular interest to me is the heritage from protestantism, which also happens to be the official religion of Sweden, the society that […]

Is our ability to detect fractals underdeveloped?

Fractals appear in many places in biology and ecology, in society, in man-made artefacts. Yet the concept itself is quite new. Fractal phenomena existed for a long time before Benoit Mandelbrot formally investigated them as such. Amazingly, the Greeks, who did so much, do not seem to have had the notion of a fractal. In […]

What I’m reading at the moment

Some books that I’m reading at the moment. This isn’t to say that I’m likely to finish them all within the near future. Reading should be done at the right time and in the right context. Occasionally it’s natural to finish a book immediately after opening it, but more often I find myself waiting for […]

The writing style of Being and Time (2)

Usually, simple writing is considered good writing. If readers can understand what is meant with little effort, the text is a successful one. This valuation makes sense in a lot of cases. However, in philosophy, it may well be the case that the more difficult the text is to read, the better it is – […]