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Why Scala? (2) Compact syntax applied to probabilistic actions

As a little fun project, I developed some probabilistic cellular automata with Scala and very basic AWT graphics. I continue to become more proficient with Scala, and it feels increasingly natural to use. During this exercise I came up with something that I thought was particularly elegant, and that I am pretty sure would have […]

The absurdity of flying

The first time I found myself onboard an airplane was when I was 9-10 years old or so. At the time, travelling by myself to visit my aunt who lived on a remote island was a big experience. In particular, I think, the sensation that the environment was managed in the extreme made a big […]

Continuous computing

Disclaimer: I haven’t checked academic sources for any of the statements made in this post – all of it is speculation which may be affirmed or rejected by existing literature. Existing computing hardware and software are based on a discrete model: the Church-Turing model. The machinery is built on digital logic, and formalisms such as […]


A characteristic of a naive approach to the digital world is the tendency to record and store everything. JustBecauseWeCan. Every photo, every e-mail, every song, every web site ever visited, every acquaintance who ever added you as a friend on some social network, every message you ever received. Somebody, probably an author, termed this the […]