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Reviewing the second year of Monomorphic

In May 2010 I reviewed the state of Monomorphic as a blog. Since it’s now been almost 13 months since that time, let’s evaluate what’s happened in the meantime. Where am I, how did I get here, and where do I go next? The rate of publication has decreased. Prior to the last evaluation, 55 […]

Meta notes: 1+ year with Monomorphic blogging

After 13 months and 51 posts, my experiments in blogging continue, although they are perhaps better described as polymorphic than monomorphic. Maybe it’s time for some reflections. On the whole blogging in this format and at this frequency has been a pretty fun and fulfilling process. I get to practice writing free-form, nonscientific texts, and […]

Blogging revisited

This marks the launch of my second (possibly third) attempt at serious blogging. Unlike previous blogs, I intend for this one to have some specific purposes. Primarily it will be a vehicle for me to express ideas about software and software research that I can’t express elsewhere. This will probably range from random thoughts to […]